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3 Reasons UofO Students Should Have Macs

Happy Maichan -- It doesn't matter which we have: Macs or PCs? It DOES matter if you're studying at the University of Oregon. Maybe you know that libraries and computer labs have both Macs and PCs. Maye you think Macs are for Art Major. Maybe you know PCs are cheaper than Macs in general. For all those cases, here are 3 reasons that UofO students should have Macs. 1. Access. Some buildings on campus have only Macs. 2. Support. Even though they can help you, Computer Center at 151 McKenzie Hall is technically for Macs (If not, at least that's the obvious impression they are giving.), and other smaller computer support desks also specialize in Macs. 3. Purchase. UofO bookstore doesn't sell PCs, only Macs with great student discounts. These are the major three reasons why UofO students should have Macs. (Only 3 reasons? Yeah...sadly. And I myself bought a PC when my iBook crashed because of the lower price. So, I guess this is not persuasive enough.)

(imitated blog entry: http://valleywag.com/tech/apple/42-reasons-normal-people-can-switch-to-macs-242430.php)

投稿者 maiko : 2007年03月09日 11:32