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Eat and Run

Is this okay thing to do in America?

The other day, I was waiting in a line to dinner from Panda Express (Chinese fast food) at EMU on campus. A woman came and cut me off. I was like "What the hell!" It's very rude. She asked the employee, "I'm gonna try the orange chicken." Okay...I'm waiting. "I need that one too." Okay...please...is there way to ask nicely? "Umm...good." Then she left without saying a word.

Wait...what did just happen?
Did she get samples and leave without getting anything, even though she did not line up and bothered people, at least me? Did she leave without saying thank you? I lost my words.

Isn't this something some kids do and their parents tell them it's not okay?

Please, woman. You're not a girl. Don't just come to get samples because you're hungry.

投稿者 maiko : 2007年03月14日 23:28