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Who's journalist?

I would like to develop one question from this article, that is: How do we define "journalists"?
What we mean by the term "journalist" is debated widely as the Internet plays a bigger role in media. The term is confusing because unlike medical and legal professions, there is no minimum entrance requirement or licensing procedure for being a journalist. Thus, everyone can claim that he or she is a journalist. However, journalists exclude certain "journalists," such as the Web bloggers and writers; this is still accepted among many people as the norm, in my opinion. People need enough knowledge, skills, experiences, and also some kind of recognitions or reputations in order to claim oneself a journalist. The article is about an action taken for this uncertainty, that said, how we draw a line between "journalist" and "hobbiest."

投稿者 maiko : 2007年03月09日 11:28