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Computer Communication class links



テレビ番組のようなビデオ、歌などを作成するMy Pop Studio. 数分間で作った歌のビデオ:


YouTube video of young Americans: Generation We

YouTube video on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Most viewed educational videos on Teacher Tube

New Web technologies for Language Learning movie

The Story of Stuff (物の物語)

Students Today (現在の米国人大学生達)

人権のサイトが提供しているオンライン・ビデオ: Witness Video Hub

Witness "training videos available online: "Tips & Techniques," which covers all the basic techniques for operating a video camera, and "Video for Change," which provides an overview for human rights advocates on how to effectively use video in advocacy."

Online mobile phone Website builder Winksite (free)

Voicethread for making voice albums

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