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First hybrid reality conference event based in Japan


2007年3月24日、名古屋商科大学の大学院で、ポッドキャスティングや携帯学習 (click on the last link below for the English) に関する学会が行われました。Web2.0などに関する初めの基調講演は、同時にSecond Lifeというバーチャルリアリティによる3次元のワールドで行われました。テキストチャット、ボイスでも可能で、アバターという自分の代表(元梵語から、権現のような意味)がお辞儀などのジェスチャー、飛ぶことも出来ます。今回は、3次元の環境の中でPPTのプレゼンテーションを行い、それとのインタラクションを見せています。会場のスクリーン2つで、WinもMacを同時に操作し、それぞれプロジェクトし、ある意味でこの学会では、日本初のハイブリッドリアリティによるイベントが行われました。色々な観点から、3次元の環境の内外で取られた写真やYouTubeのようなビデオがウェブ上で保存されているので、どうぞご覧ください。写真やスクリーンショット集は: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=djszdhm_31d9vstb
ビデオは学会のサイト: http://wirelessready.nucba.ac.jp

世界オンライン教育学会 (米国認定のNPO) 会長 (1998-2007)

First hybrid reality conference event based in Japan

On March 24th at the NUCB Graduate School in Nagoya there was a conference: "Wireless Ready: Podcasting Education and Mobile Assisted Language Learning." The opening keynote address was "Web 2.0 Technologies and iPods for Research and Mobility." That hour (only) was held simulaneously at EduNation in the Second Life 3D virtual world. The conference room had two screens, so the .ppt presentation was projected onto one with a PC and and a Mac was used for Second Life and the voice client Ventrilo, which worked to an extent. During the presentation, occasionally the room speakers would announce the entry or departure of participants in other countries, Europe and the Americas, giving an amusing air of spontaneous unpredictability, not knowing when another world would intrude upon this one. Videos were taken both from within Second Life, showing a participant's perspective, and from the conference audience, which, along with various screen shots and photos, like Kurosawa's "Rashomon" show multiple perspectives on the same event. For photos and screen shots of an avatar interacting with the .ppt presentation in Second life, see: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=djszdhm_31d9vstb
For interesting videos, particularly of the presenter's avatar flying, see Video 1, etc., at the Conference site: http://wirelessready.nucba.ac.jp
For other links including to the YouTube video from within Second Life taken from Barcelona, see the latest item under Presentations at: http://www.waoe.org/steve/epublist.html

Collegially, Steve McCarty, Professor, Osaka Jogakuin College, Japan
President, World Association for Online Education (1998-2007)
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