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Podcasting Student Performances to Develop EFL Skills

The Japanese Education Ministry has recognized the OJC curriculum as a "Good Practice." Now the Sloan Consortium for Quality Online Education based in the U.S. has recognized podcasting English performances by OJC students as an "Effective Practice." Regarding Student-Generated Content (SGC), the Sloan Consortium writes that "Student performances are another effective form of SGC, as Steve McCarty's use of podcasting student performances illustrates." The "effective practice" at OJC is featured in the Web page Podcasting Student Performances to Develop EFL Skills.

本学のカリキュラムが文科省にGP(Good Practice)として認定されているように、本学の学生ポッドキャストは、上記のウェブサイトで、全米のスローン・コンソーシアムに教育学的な"Effective Practice"として紹介されています。

Student Podcasts (MP3 file download):

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