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Bilingualism Class Links



Charles Jenkins: Prisoner of Pyongyang article

Myths about Bilingualism (よくある誤解) - Bilingual Families Web Page

Article on foreign children in nursery schools in Toronto, Canada

Discussions of raising children to be bilingual in Japan

世界の人口の半分がバイリンガル!」 Nori のバイリンガルを目指そう!ブログ

Research of a Japanese university student abroad, survey of returnees (帰国子女)

Bilingual identity article by Sophia University Professor Yoshida Kensaku

"Bilingual Child-Raising Possibilities in Japan" June 2010 article by Steve McCarty

"Bilingualism Concepts and Viewpoints" April 2010 article by Steve McCarty

"What it Means to be Bicultural" 2009 article by Steve McCarty

Bilingual classes 'raise results' - BBC article

Babies discern languages via visual cues

バイリンガルの子育て方に関するインタビュー (マッカーティ)

バイリンガルの子育て方に関する4つの記事 (マッカーティ) - articles on bilingual childraising

バイリンガルの世界』 論文集の和英概要

バイリンガリズムの理論と日本」 (マッカーティ)

Article by McGill University Professor Fred Genesee on childhood bilingual acquisition

University of Toronto Professor Jim Cummins on Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills (BICS) and Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP)

国際結婚を考える会 ウェブサイト

JALT Bilingualism SIG (全国語学教育学会バイリンガリズム研究部会)


Bilingual and International Schools in Japan: Osaka International School | Senri International School | Katoh Gakuen, Shimizu | Gunma Kokusai Academy | New International School, Tokyo | Kyoto International School | List of International Schools in Japan

Schools aim to cultivate returnee students' "second culture" - article about Kikokushijo Academy in Tokyo

Article on Immersion bilingual education in Japan

Foreign kids in Japan need language support article

Article on Brazilian schools in Japan

Article on Hostility to teaching English in elementary schools in Japan


Young Researchers' Papers: exclusive offer to OJC to publish students' papers in Tokyo 学生の英文論文を業績にするように、ベネッセ・コーポレーションのチャイルド・リサーチ・ネットから本学への特別提供

Online Publications | オンライン著作のリンク集

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