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President of the World Association for Online Education again

また世界オンライン教育学会 (WAOE) の会長になりました。1998-2007年には会長でしたが、2007-2012年7月の間には、英国の先生が会長となり、私が名誉会長やウェブマスターでした。以下はインドの国立開放大学の行政官であるシャルマ博士 (メンバー委員) のアナウンスしたメッセージです。理事会の中、新しい副会長の元世界銀行のアフェレ博士 (ガーナ出身) などがいます:

Dear Friends,

The WAOE Board takes this opportunity to express its thanks to Nick (Bowskill 前会長) for his great vision and the able leadership he provided to the Association during his tenure.

In addition, there were some other positions which needed to be filled urgently by appointment of the Board. Hence it is my great pleasure to welcome the three new Officers (President, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer) who have kindly accepted the responsibility as WAOE Directors (effective as of 1 August 2012).

Prof. Steve McCarty, Osaka Jogakuin College and University, Japan

Dr. John Afele, Consultant, African Development Bank, Tunisia

Chief Technology Officer
Victoria Ramirez, Teacher, Guadalajara, Mexico

Prof. Mike Holmwood (Retired), Langara College, Canada

Michael Warner, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA

Executive Secretary
Prof. Begum Ibrahim, MARA Institute of Technology, Malaysia

Membership Chair
Dr. Ramesh Sharma, Indira Gandhi National Open University, India

WAOE looks forward to be guided by these visionaries as they bring with them vast experience and skills in the field of Online Education.

Let's welcome them all!

We will also be making more changes and creating new positions to harness the skills and enthusiasm of other active WAOE members.

With best wishes,
Ramesh Sharma
Membership Chair
World Association for Online Education
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