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Bilingualism and Bilingual Education class links

Bilingual articles by Steve McCarty

"Bilingual Child-Raising Possibilities in Japan" (2010) = 「日本におけるバイリンガル子育ての可能性」 (2012)

"Bilingualism Concepts and Viewpoints" (2010) = 「バイリンガリズム(二言語併用)の概念と観点」 (2012)

"What it Means to be Bicultural" (2009) = 「バイカルチュアル(二つの文化に属する)とは?」 (2011)

バイリンガルの子育て方に関する4つの記事 (2007-2008) | インタビューの記事


バイリンガルの世界』 論文集の和英概要 (1999)

"Analyzing Purposes of Bilingual Education" (2012) = 「バイリンガル教育とは 1:バイリンガル教育を目的別に分析する」(2013)

"Analyzing Types of Bilingual Education" (2012) = 「バイリンガル教育とは 2:バイリンガル教育をタイプ別に分析する」 (2013)

"Analyzing Cases of Bilingual Education" (2012) = 「バイリンガル教育とは3:バイリンガル教育の事例を分析する」 (2014)


Myths about Bilingualism (よくある誤解) - Bilingual Families Website

Article on childhood "Bilingual Acquisition"

"Bilingualism boosts the brain at all ages" - CBC 2014 article; see links at the bottom for further evidence

Article on foreign children in nursery schools in Toronto, Canada

"Bilingual classes 'raise results'" - BBC article

"Learning second language 'slows brain ageing'" - BBC News

Kikokushijo: returnees to a country not yet ready for them

The linguistic genius of babies [TED Talk video]

Speaking 2 languages may delay getting Alzheimer’s

Babies discern languages via visual cues


Bilingual and International Schools in Japan: Osaka International School | Senri International School | Katoh Gakuen, Shimizu | Gunma Kokusai Academy | New International School, Tokyo | Kyoto International School | List of International Schools in Japan

Article on Immersion bilingual education in Japan

"Hostility to teaching English in elementary schools in Japan"

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