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New book on mobile learning!


This new book Implementing Mobile Language Learning Technologies in Japan by Steve McCarty, Hiroyuki Obari (Aoyama Gakuin University), & Takeshi Sato (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology) is published by Springer, the second or third top academic publisher in the world. Our book includes a case study on OJU!


Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction: Contextualizing Mobile Language Learning in Japan
Chapter 2 - Mobile Language Learning Pedagogy: A Sociocultural Perspective
Chapter 3 - Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Case Study: Smartphone App LINE for EFL Peer Learning
Chapter 4 - Osaka Jogakuin University Case Study: Mobilizing the EFL Curriculum and Campus Infrastructure with iPods and iPads
Chapter 5 - Aoyama Gakuin University Case Study: Blended Learning and Flipped Classrooms utilizing Mobile Devices
Chapter 6 - Conclusion: Implementing Language Learning in a Mobile-Oriented Society

Abstract of the Chapter 4 OJU Case Study
The second of three case studies in this book covers a combined university and two-year college that has not been deterred by its small size and all-female student body from technological innovations. It was first in the world, a half year before Duke University which usually gets the credit, to give an iPod to all incoming first year students, loaded with faculty-made English listening materials. Then it was among the first, certainly in Japan, to give an iPad to all incoming students, and this time faculty-made e-books were integrated into the curriculum. With campus-wide wi-fi, students and teachers could also readily access the Internet in classes. Student focus groups have sharpened annual surveys with quantitative and qualitative feedback to continually refine the pedagogy behind utilizing mobile devices.

Publisher: Springer Singapore / SpringerBriefs in Education / 107 pages / ISBN: 978-981-10-2449-8 (Print) / ISBN: 978-981-10-2451-1 (Online)

Download the brochure that introduces the contents and how to order or review the book: http://www.waoe.org/steve/book.docx

Order the paperback shipping from November 2016 at sites such as Amazon Japan:

eBook version or individual chapters:

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