New book on mobile learning!


This new book Implementing Mobile Language Learning Technologies in Japan by Steve McCarty, Hiroyuki Obari (Aoyama Gakuin University), & Takeshi Sato (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology) is published by Springer, the second or third top academic publisher in the world. Our book includes a case study on OJU!


Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction: Contextualizing Mobile Language Learning in Japan
Chapter 2 - Mobile Language Learning Pedagogy: A Sociocultural Perspective
Chapter 3 - Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Case Study: Smartphone App LINE for EFL Peer Learning
Chapter 4 - Osaka Jogakuin University Case Study: Mobilizing the EFL Curriculum and Campus Infrastructure with iPods and iPads
Chapter 5 - Aoyama Gakuin University Case Study: Blended Learning and Flipped Classrooms utilizing Mobile Devices
Chapter 6 - Conclusion: Implementing Language Learning in a Mobile-Oriented Society

Abstract of the Chapter 4 OJU Case Study
The second of three case studies in this book covers a combined university and two-year college that has not been deterred by its small size and all-female student body from technological innovations. It was first in the world, a half year before Duke University which usually gets the credit, to give an iPod to all incoming first year students, loaded with faculty-made English listening materials. Then it was among the first, certainly in Japan, to give an iPad to all incoming students, and this time faculty-made e-books were integrated into the curriculum. With campus-wide wi-fi, students and teachers could also readily access the Internet in classes. Student focus groups have sharpened annual surveys with quantitative and qualitative feedback to continually refine the pedagogy behind utilizing mobile devices.

Publisher: Springer Singapore / SpringerBriefs in Education / 107 pages / ISBN: 978-981-10-2449-8 (Print) / ISBN: 978-981-10-2451-1 (Online)

Download the brochure that introduces the contents and how to order or review the book: http://www.waoe.org/steve/book.docx

Order the paperback shipping from November 2016 at sites such as Amazon Japan:

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President of the World Association for Online Education again

また世界オンライン教育学会 (WAOE) の会長になりました。1998-2007年には会長でしたが、2007-2012年7月の間には、英国の先生が会長となり、私が名誉会長やウェブマスターでした。以下はインドの国立開放大学の行政官であるシャルマ博士 (メンバー委員) のアナウンスしたメッセージです。理事会の中、新しい副会長の元世界銀行のアフェレ博士 (ガーナ出身) などがいます:

Dear Friends,

The WAOE Board takes this opportunity to express its thanks to Nick (Bowskill 前会長) for his great vision and the able leadership he provided to the Association during his tenure.

In addition, there were some other positions which needed to be filled urgently by appointment of the Board. Hence it is my great pleasure to welcome the three new Officers (President, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer) who have kindly accepted the responsibility as WAOE Directors (effective as of 1 August 2012).

Prof. Steve McCarty, Osaka Jogakuin College and University, Japan

Dr. John Afele, Consultant, African Development Bank, Tunisia

Chief Technology Officer
Victoria Ramirez, Teacher, Guadalajara, Mexico

Prof. Mike Holmwood (Retired), Langara College, Canada

Michael Warner, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA

Executive Secretary
Prof. Begum Ibrahim, MARA Institute of Technology, Malaysia

Membership Chair
Dr. Ramesh Sharma, Indira Gandhi National Open University, India

WAOE looks forward to be guided by these visionaries as they bring with them vast experience and skills in the field of Online Education.

Let's welcome them all!

We will also be making more changes and creating new positions to harness the skills and enthusiasm of other active WAOE members.

With best wishes,
Ramesh Sharma
Membership Chair
World Association for Online Education
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Marketing Competition Japan Kansai Workshop

As an External Advisor to Marketing Competition Japan, I was asked to be a judge of social media marketing presentations at the Kansai Workshop on 6/17/12. I went over to Kobe as a volunteer and was delighted to see young Japanese so creative and eager to communicate in English.

The contest was reported in Asiajin and Japan Today.

全国大学生マーケティングコンテスト 関西ワークショップ

「全国の大学生が実在する企業の商品の販売促進方法(その商品をどう売り込むか)に関するプレゼンテーションを英語で行う大会です。このプレゼンテーションでは、販売促進方法にSNS(Facebook, Twitter など)を盛り込むことが条件となっています。」


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Summer 2010 happenings

長男の海里 (Kiley, 21) は、立命館の途中で、3ヶ月間フィリピンで英語の環境に沈み、帰ってから積極的に英語を使用しています。すでに日本語のネイティブスピーカーなので、バイリンガル度が高まってきています。専攻は情報理工学ですけれども、英語を教えたりすることも考えています。うちの妻も、けっこう英語をしゃべっていますので、辛抱してよかったと思います。

二男の新揮 (Nikki, 18 ) は、府立工専の夏休み中、三菱重工のインターンシップを体験する予定です。子供達は、大人になってきていますな。


私どもの世界オンライン教育学会 (World Association for Online Education = WAOE) は、代表的な援助活動として、南米のアマゾン沿いの国の国立大学の遠隔教育学部のためのMoodleサイト(学習管理システム)を米国にあるサーバーにインストールしてホストしています。当学会の役員であるインドの国立開放大学の行政官との連携で、遠隔的に達成できました。


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Hotel English e-Learning Project

大阪府立大学と立命館大学の教員と連携し、e-learning によるホテル英語に関する科研費のプロジェクトの編集とビデオ出演をしました。ESP (English for Special Purposes) の一種です。Moodle という学習管理システムの環境で行われていますが、オンライン登録をすれば、無料で参加できます。



Gift of Rihga Royal Hotel solar system chocolates:


サイトへのリンク Hotel English Website

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Young Researchers' Papers: exclusive offer to OJC to publish students' papers in Tokyo 学生の英文論文を業績にするように、ベネッセ・コーポレーションのチャイルド・リサーチ・ネットから本学への特別提供

OJC MSWord 2003 Page Setup 本学のエッセー・論文に役立つ Microsoft Word 2003 のページ設定(イラスト)

Bilingualism Class Links

コンピュータコミュニケーション Class Links


New Zealand Photos and Video Blog

Podcasting Student Performances 全米教育学的コンソーシアムより"Effective Practice"受賞

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Worldwide Kids English ベネッセコーポレーション東京本社の幼児英語プロジェクトを監修しています

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See more at WAOE's Flickr photo sharing site

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Podcasting Student Performances to Develop EFL Skills

The Japanese Education Ministry has recognized the OJC curriculum as a "Good Practice." Now the Sloan Consortium for Quality Online Education based in the U.S. has recognized podcasting English performances by OJC students as an "Effective Practice." Regarding Student-Generated Content (SGC), the Sloan Consortium writes that "Student performances are another effective form of SGC, as Steve McCarty's use of podcasting student performances illustrates." The "effective practice" at OJC is featured in the Web page Podcasting Student Performances to Develop EFL Skills.

本学のカリキュラムが文科省にGP(Good Practice)として認定されているように、本学の学生ポッドキャストは、上記のウェブサイトで、全米のスローン・コンソーシアムに教育学的な"Effective Practice"として紹介されています。

Student Podcasts (MP3 file download):

Causes and Solutions for Bullying in Japan - OJC Presentation Contest
Another Atomic Power Plant or Conserve Energy? - OJC Peace Dialogue Contest
Bangladesh report by OJC students who went there (bilingual, alternating Japanese and English)
Professor interviews Student about the OJC group visit to Bangladesh
South Korea and Japan Peace Dialogue - OJC Peace Dialogue Contest
Prime Minister Koizumi, Don't Send My Husband to Iraq! - OJC Peace Dialogue Contest
Non-violence of Okinawans and African-Americans - OJC Presentation Contest
Similar Proverbs in Chinese, Japanese and English? - a multilingual podcast with Japanese and Chinese students at Matsuyama Shinonome University in the summer of 2005, each student speaking in English and their native language

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Mobile phone sites for Nagoya conferences

Wireless Ready 2008
By mobile phone: http://winksite.mobi/teflinjapan/nagoya/
Nagoya 29 March 2008 Wireless Ready conference information: Web link and QR Code:
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By mobile phone: http://winksite.mobi/teflinjapan/jaltcall/
Nagoya May 31st-June 1st JALTCALL conference information: Web link and QR Code:
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Thanks to an OJC student, I finally joined mixi.
My nickname is WAOE (OJCのe-mail IDと同じ) - 「ワオイー」と発音する。
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2007 Calling Card (meishi)


Do-it-yourself 名刺

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Computer Communication class links



テレビ番組のようなビデオ、歌などを作成するMy Pop Studio. 数分間で作った歌のビデオ:


YouTube video of young Americans: Generation We

YouTube video on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Most viewed educational videos on Teacher Tube

New Web technologies for Language Learning movie

The Story of Stuff (物の物語)

Students Today (現在の米国人大学生達)

人権のサイトが提供しているオンライン・ビデオ: Witness Video Hub

Witness "training videos available online: "Tips & Techniques," which covers all the basic techniques for operating a video camera, and "Video for Change," which provides an overview for human rights advocates on how to effectively use video in advocacy."

Online mobile phone Website builder Winksite (free)

Voicethread for making voice albums

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First in the World to Apply iPods to Education

"Interview with Professor Eiko Kato, First in the World to Apply iPods to Education"
GLOCOM Platform - Special Topics - Colloquium #64
東京: 国際大学、グローバル・コミュニケーション・センター (March 2006)

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